All About Trunnion Ball Valve

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1. What is a Trunnion Ball Valve

A trunnion ball valve is a fundamental gadget for directing the progression of liquids steam, gas, or oil in the pipeline. It is a quarter-turn plan with a ball equipped for pivoting 90 degrees on its hub to one or the other block or permit the progression of liquid. These valves have a round plate plan at the middle, which turns to direct the beginning stop stream cycle. The plate frequently called the ball comes planned with a little distending shaft at the top and base which are precisely upheld. For this situation, the stream is constrained by the place of an opening in the focal point of the ball. For their adaptability, Trunnion-mounted ball valves are valuable in businesses where such shut-off activity is required. We are the leading Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Manufacturer in India.

The Trunnion ball valves have satisfactory support for the ball. The help is in shape like a shaft, and it's known as a trunnion. The Trunnion absorbs any extra tension coming from the stream, in this manner bringing down the strain on the valve seat and the ball. Trunnion-mounted ball valves find their utilization in huge scope executions that require a low working force.

2. How Do Trunnion Ball Valves Work?

A trunnion valve is a gadget that controls the progression of liquids in pipelines by controlling the shut-off cycle. It contains the components fundamental for empowering or incapacitating the progression of liquids through the line. It is worked to incorporate line or cylinder areas to realize this capability.

3. How Are Trunnion Ball Valves Structured?

The Trunnion ball valves have a design like the customary ball valves seen around. The distinction it brings is that the ball valves have more mechanical anchors to help the ball. The ball is given strong help from the two finishes on its x-pivot. It holds it set up and makes it exceptionally simple to control.

In the trunnion-mounted ball valve, the plan accompanies grim tended shafts at its top and base, which are precisely upheld. With this, it is made appropriate for bigger widths and higher strain. In the Trunnion mounted plan, the ball is kept ready by packing the seat rings at the two finishes.

The ball, for its adaptability, empowers a decent proportion of development. While being used, it drifts reasonably downstream towards the seat ring to make a fixing. On the off chance that the heaps on the drifting ball are a lot higher, the seat rings will not have the option to give the required help to the ball. This is the point at which the force of the trunnion comes in. In a trunnion plan, the seat rings are the parts drifting against the customary plan where the ball floats.


The valve's body is the packaging that holds it set up and offers to back to the inside of the ball valve. The material for this plan can be made of various items relying upon the kind of utilization it is utilized for. A portion of the usually utilized materials is carbon steel, low-temperature carbon steel, treated steel, duplex, Inconel, and very duplex.


This is a circle ball-formed plate through which it turns to stop or begin stream in a strong rotational movement. It is associated with the Trunnion toward one side and the stem at the opposite end. The ball is fixed in a situation while it turns. The trunnion ball valve's seats are in many cases in touch with this ball, which diminishes the force.


The seat of the Trunnion ball valve is a planned highlight that encompasses the ball. At the point when the actuator gets turned on, the seats keep the ball firmly set up, closing off access. There are two sorts for example metal or delicate (Teflon). This makes it move toward the ball.


There is an additional shaft in the trunnion ball valve that holds the ball ready from underneath. This basic shaft is the Trunnion. It can keep the ball solidly connected. Some of the time, the Trunnion is an expansion of the round ball, though, in other trunnion-mounted ball valves, it is connected to the circular ball plate through welded joints.


The stem of the trunnion ball valve associates the ball and the actuator together. It is associated with the ball an extra shaft that helps gets the ball set up. Likewise, it manages the ball's development. Trunnion-mounted ball valves have a fortified enemy of victory stems, which is the reason they can deal with compressed and extraordinary temperatures without bringing about any harm.


Infusion fittings are planned in the seat and stem region. While fixing is compromised, and spillage is caused, the oil can be infused through a sealant infusion fitting. The infused sealant capabilities as an incomplete seal to stop further spillage.

4. Trunnion Ball Valve Design Standard

The trunnion ball valve is planned by API6D or API608 and adjusts to industry-required guidelines like ASME B16.5, ASME B16.34, and ASME B16.10. They are worked to be heatproof as indicated by API 607.

5. What Is The Main Features Of Trunnion Ball Valve

There are many elements of the trunnion-mounted ball valve. Among the significant ones are:

Crisis Seal

For a trunnion-mounted ball valve, having a sealant infusion at the seat and the stem is planned. In the case of a bombed seal, an impermanent crisis seal could be accomplished through infusion sealants.

Prank Static

For the explanation that the stem and the ball of a trunnion ball valve are suspended on non-metallic parts, there is the probability of a static energizing expanding on the stem/ball. For this, an antistatic ball and metal spring are remembered for the plan to hold the metal-to-metal contact inside the turning stem or ball and the valve body that assists with establishing the charges to the plan's valve body.
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